Doula Services

Doula Services

Services available in Kitsap, WA – Coast Salish Territory, and online

Why hire a doula?

  1. To have a teammate to assist you in practicing self-awareness
  2. To help you ask for what you need, even when you might not know what that is
  3. To have support in setting and maintaining boundaries
  4. To receive an abundance of care and love


Birth Doula – $2500

I am currently accepting clients with due dates between April and August 2023.

Sliding scale and payment arrangements available.

All fees include a contribution to the Community Care Fund supporting BIPOC and queer birthing families allowing me to provide full spectrum support to local families at low to no cost.

Limited space available – I serve one family per month. I do not accept families with overlapping due dates.

As your doula, I will:

  • Meet with you, and your partner(s), at least 2 times during the prenatal period
  • Be on call for you and your family from 38 weeks until your birth
  • Provide full labor and immediate postpartum support
  • Provide at least 2 postpartum check-in visits
  • Be available for phone, text, and email support throughout your pregnancy
  • Prioritize and advocate for gender affirming care for you and your family

COVID 19 : With Covid in our midst, doula support must be flexible to the ever changing needs and requirements of our lives. Some of what this looks like is more calls via phone or zoom, and less in-person connection during the prenatal and postpartum period. There may be limitations in number of persons present during your birth. Additionally, as I am on call for you, I take this commitment seriously and will quarantine accordingly. These are considerations that will be discussed and agreed upon during consultation.

The doula / family relationship is a collaborative process.

Services listed are a starting point. During consultation, we will discuss what needs you have and how we can best work as a team to meet those needs. If you imagine needing support outside of the services listed above, let’s put on our creative hats and determine how we can best serve you and your family.

This is an intimate and powerful journey. Your doula should be a great fit. I encourage you to interview multiple doulas in our community as each of us bring a different set of perspectives, skills, and values to your birth.

As a trained and experienced perinatal professional with a passion for healing-centered care, humxns, and transformative justice, it excites me to work with a variety of families in all their complexities. My job is to respect, support, and celebrate YOU.

To inquire about availability and to schedule a consultation, you can reach me at: I look forward to hearing from you.