Liv Counsel
Care Worker (doula), Facilitator, Educator, Artist, Nursing Student

Liv Counsel (they/them) is an artist, birth/death/transitions doula, creative programming visionary, partner strategist, facilitator, and mother. Through their work, Liv strives to support and amplify the creative and healing journeys of their community, be an active participant in the decolonization of institutions, and envision a world which equitably manages scarcity and shares abundance.

Over the last 12 years, Liv has attended over 300 births as a birth doula and birth assistant, facilitated nature healing programs for over 2,000 participants, developed creative art programming for the community, built and facilitated leadership and mindfulness groups for students, and led group sessions for folks currently and/or formerly experiencing significant trauma(s).

Liv is committed to the ongoing struggle for racial, reproductive, environmental, and social justice. This commitment is embodied in Liv’s work and evolves as Liv continues to unlearn and relearn, in community.

Liv has a love of fiber art, being in the water, live music, and adventuring with friends who laugh loudly and with abundance.